What is a Black Belt?

Black Belt


A black belt is a personal journey of achievement. The belt its self is nothing more then a piece of fabric. However its what that belt represents that matters. A Black belt represents years of dedication, hard work and sacrifices. Its a journey of self discipline, confidence and respect. The physical belt itself will do absolutely nothing to you, its not a magical piece of cloth that will make you an invincible fighter.

Regardless of weather you are wearing your belt or not your still a black belt as long as you keep training, your body should be the tell tale sign of your achievement. Even when one initially achieves a black belt they may not feel like they are worthy of being a "black belt". This is common and one of the reasons people may quit. However  those who choose to keep training reap the benefits and truly understand the meaning behind being a black belt. (Compare quitting once you achieve your black belt as to getting your  car licence and then not actually driving a car.)

These days martial art journeys have become more of a personal individual journey and our students are assessed on their own ability. We are extremely inclusive and have a range of ages from 11 years to 74 year old's training for their black belt. 


At KMA Brisbane we are not a factory and we do not give out black belts. It must be earned and the journey completely understood and respected. The minimum age is 11 turning 12 years old to sit for our black belt test. Our gradings are mentally and physically tough but you will be completely prepared for it and immensely proud of yourself. You will be tested on your skills and put under pressure. Compare it to a university degree just imagine how happy you would be to complete the course. 



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