Taekwondo (WT Style Olympic )


Taekwondo is an extremely popular Korean martial art that is regulated worldwide. Which means it’s the same anywhere that you travel and makes it extremely easy to transfer if you move around a lot. Another positive is that it also means your rank is recognised and accepted world-wide. We teach the modern style Olympic Taekwondo as well as the old school “power era” of art. Taekwondo is a lovely traditional martial art that will give you the basics of self-defence and the ability to deliver some fast powerful dynamic kicks. Taekwondo is great for children and adults as it helps with coordination, flexibility, balance, memory, focus, discipline, and self-confidence.


During our taekwondo lessons expect to get your heart rate up. All classes contain to no surprise kicking. But don’t worry the grading system eases you into them. Starting with the basics we focus heavily on correct technique. As you travel up the ranks you learn the more “fancier” kicks.  Training in Taekwondo also means that you will be learning forms. Each grading has one Poomse to learn. Poomse is a set of moves that you can perform by yourself, there is a story and meaning behind each one of them. You can compete in Poomse up to international level.


At KMA we like to keep some traditional elements even though we know that the times have moved on and fighting has developed over the years. We have chosen to keep “One Step Sparring” as part of tradition, but we know very well and tell the students that this is a traditional element and these days used solely for demonstration techniques. The other self defence we cover is grabs and holds which is practical and designed to help people think for themselves and act in a self-defence situation.


Taekwondo fighting is all about kicking the trunk and the head of the body. These days scored with electronics. Electronic scoring has made Taekwondo evolve to today’s society, progressing it further into a sport. In the gym we practice both new style and old-style sparring techniques. Our syllabus also contains basic kickboxing drills which include punches in case you need it in self-defence.


Taekwondo is a great first martial art for both Children and adults, in saying that it is not “easy” at all and does take years of practice and dedication to obtain the skills and qualify you as a black belt. Typically earning a Black Belt in Taekwondo can take from 4-7 years depending on an individual’s commitment and ability.


Master King is a 7th Dan in Taekwondo who has been teaching since 1988 and competed at an elite level in fighting and Poomse. He has obtained the highest rank you can in Australia and will travel to Korea to obtain his 8th Dan when the time comes. With this amount of knowledge, we can guarantee the authenticity of our Taekwondo. All instructors are registered with Australian Taekwondo and have up to date coaching & refereeing accreditation.


If you chose Taekwondo you can compete in the following:

-Taekwondo Fighting

-Point sparring

-Light Kick (at ISKA Karate)


-Board Breaking

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