Thai Kickboxing

Muay Thai Kickboxing (striking) 

Exciting News we are teaming up with Team Elite in 2022!

Team Elite is run and operated by Jeffery Bullock who was Taught by Master Toddy (MTIA). Jeff held multiple Muay Thai & Kickboxing Championships in Europe and is a well known and respected coach who has taught many Champion Fighters. At current he is the ISKA (International Sports Kickboxing Association) Queensland and Australia ring sports director. Having 78 fights with 68 wins he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. 

Master Jeff will be working closely with KMA Brisbane Instructors and also teaching in the gym on occasion. He will be mentoring the instructors and training them as well as providing on going support to help prep anyone going into the ring. On top of his skills he will be helping introduce and over see/ grade students through the MTIA system. This system is recognized by the Thai Government. Grading is completely optional but we feel that it will help students with goal setting as well as provide much needed structure to our training. We know that this is a an adopted western approach to Muay Thai/ Kickboxing but believe that this system is suited to our clubs existing style. 

You can read more about Elite here: Martial Arts Redcliffe | Elite Martial Arts - Elite MMA Gym

Our classes will always be friendly, no one ever has to fight in the ring at all. Do expect a beginner accommodating environment. Kickboxing is for everyone and is great at confidence building, self defence, discipline & weight loss. We require all students to have a mouth guard, shin guards and Gloves. You will learn complete control as you are taught how to strike & defend effectively. Expect to be taught kicks, punches, knees, clenching, elbows, throws and takedowns.

Children's Class (under 12)  will run for 30mins prior to adults class as of 2022. 


We are looking forward to 2022! 


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More Information Please!

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