Which Martial Art is for me?

Which Martial art should I do?


At KMA we offer 4 different styles of martial arts: Hapkido, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing & Taekwondo. We do this as we believe there is no one style that is superior. We understand the difference between traditional martial arts and combat sports. Over the years fighting has evolved and so have the needs of individuals to use or learn how to fight. When finding a martial art not one art is the “one”, its up to the individuals needs or wants.


We Recommend doing some research before you walk into any gym. This research can be watching You Tube videos, movies, UFC, googling, speaking to various instructors. The most important thing is Ask yourself some important questions. Here is a List that we have compiled to help find your possible new art.


  1. Do you want to fight in the Cage or in any Ring sports?
  2. Do you want a new hobby or to make friends?
  3. What martial art do you like the look & style of?
  4. Did you want to do fighting but get up the next day to go to work with minimal bruises or injuries?
  5. Are you interested in solely self defence where its just “in case” you need to fight?
  6. Are you more interested in the fitness side and wanting to lose weight, build muscle?
  7. Is this to help you obtain or improve your current employment?
  8. Are you looking for confidence building?
  9. Do you find being hit or wrestling on the ground to confronting?
  10. How much commitment do you have to learning something new?

These questions are important ones and will help reassure you that you have chosen the best possible art for your personal interests and needs. Our Team can help you with the process and at KMA we offer a 1-week trial to allow you to sample the arts and find one that suits you. We find that many of our students end up cross training once they build their confidence up in one art. The amazing thing with martial arts is there is always something new to learn not only about the art but yourself as a person and it’s a lifetime sport/ hobby.

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More Information Please!

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