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Our Hapkido is under Fari Saliveski from KMA Sydney Liverpool. Fari Salievski has modernised Hapkido to keep up with todays society and the evolution of fighting. Master Fari runs a very strong Martial Arts school in Liverpool having taught and coached successful cage fighters in particular Martin Nguyen (One Championship). Its from his experience around the cage that he has updated the Hapkido System to be more practical and pretty much “Mixed Martial Arts” in uniform.


Hapkido is traditionally from Korea and is known for its throws, take downs, rolls, breakfalls and joint locks. Our Hapkido keeps all of those elements and has added in groundwork and kickboxing drills to make it a great general self-defence program. We find that it is extremely popular for law enforcement officers and security persons for all these reasons.


Our classes are extremely popular for adults of all ages and children. We have a high ratio of women to men. A typical class will take you through a traditional warm up, stretch and then a focus of the week. You are also given time to practice your grading elements from our set syllabus. There are classes of high intensity and classes of low intensity.  Hapkido has so much on offer that it keeps each lesson unique. This can also make it a bit tricky to learn and grading to black can be a challenge mentally. A lot of people find Hapkido more appealing as there is no form or pattern work until you reach Black Belt, its purely striking, joint locks, takedowns and grappling. 

On average it will take from 4-7years to earn your Senior black belt depending solely on an individual’s ability and commitment level. You will have complete guidance and support from us as you head towards your goal. The beauty of Hapkido is that the syllabus gets even better once you get to Black and it makes you wanting to learn more. Our system is set up to make it manageable and achievable. 


Competing in Hapkido is possible if you wish too and we recommend the ISKA Karate style events for our students. Students can compete in point sparring, continuous fighting, light kick and a range of different technical events. Which makes it a great hobby sport.


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