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Shantal King

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Teaches: Champion Kids Hapkido Combatives, Little Dragons, Kids BJJ, Adults Taekwondo & Adults Hapkido. PT Sessions for Adults or children (1on1 or groups) for Taekwondo, Hapkido, Fitness, Fitness Kickboxing. Contact her directly for availability 0410 217 701

Current Ranks she holds: Taekwondo 3rd Dan: WT Kukkiwon, 1st Dan Hapkido: Korean Hapkido Federation, Blue Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Fari Salievski  

A bit about shantal: 

Shantal started in Taekwondo when she was 18 as she always had an interest in martial arts. Shortly after she picked up Hapkido. Competing in a few Taekwondo Fights she then later experimented in Poomse (patterns) in her late 20's. Shantal has competed and trained with some of the best Taekwondo practitioners both in Australia and overseas. In her 30's Shantal realised that it was time to get some ground game and got heavily into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which she absolutely loves to compete in. After getting her taste back for fighting, is now continuing to up her stand-up skills by training in Kickboxing.

Shantal trains everyday under a variety of different professional and highly skilled coaches and enjoys sharing her knowledge passionately with her students of all ages and back grounds. She has a very keen interest in fitness and competition which makes her a great coach who is caring and understanding. All classes that she delivers are always varied and fun. She is passionate about correct technique and provides lots of explanation and constructive feedback. Her children’s classes are focused on building confidence and self-esteem, whilst learning practical realistic self-defence appropriate to their age and level.

Other Qualifications: Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness, First Aid & CPR, Taekwondo Club Talent Coach & Poomse Coach, Blue Card. (6 years teaching experience in martial arts)


You can follow her here:

Shantal (@shantal_king_) • Instagram photos and videos


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